Cyber-Bullying: Make the World a Safer Place

Make the World a Safer Place

Suitable for

Year 1 through to year 8 (With age-appropriate content)


Up to 30 pupils in each workshop; 4 – 5 workshops in a day.



The actor/facilitators perform a  role-play, then lead interactive drama games and exercises and direct a final drama presentation by the pupils.


  • To understand the dangers of Cyber-bullying.
  • To understand the effects of Bullying, Cyber – bullying, sexting, exposing.
  • To understand the laws around online bullying, sexting, exposing.
  • To understand that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.
  • Teach participants how to stay safe online and how to get help.


50 – 75 mins

Space needed

Hall or a large clear space in a classroom.

Resources provided

Hand outs for the teacher and pupils.


Each team has two actor facilitators who work together to do 4 – 5 workshops per day. Schools can book as many teams as required.


Face Front began delivering anti-bullying workshops in 2005 and has specialised in cyber-bullying from 2012. We have run these workshops across London and performed at conferences on anti-bullying across the country.


Development was funded by Awards for All, Edmonton Extended Schools, Enfield and Haringey councils

What They Say

"They enjoyed it very much and also learnt a lot about how serious posting things online media can be and how quickly things can become serious when they post things."

Teacher Edmonton County School

"I learned not to ask for, take or send naked pictures."

Year 8 Student

"I have learnt about all the people and organisations out there that can help you."

Year 8 Student

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