Sex FM


Suitable for

Years 9 – 10




Sex and relationships

The performance raises awareness of the issue of consent, the dangers of ‘sexting’ and online bullying and the negative role of pornography in relationships.

It helps young people to make informed, responsible and healthy choices, helping to prevent teenage pregnancy and STI’s.

It is based on the ‘Forum Theatre’ style, as a performance workshop through which the audience explore how to make positive outcomes through changing the actions of the characters.

The separate workshop covers the same issues with smaller groups.


  • To explore sex and relationships, enabling young people to make positive and informed decisions.
  • To recognize the consequences of risk-taking behavior.
  • To learn how to keep safe online and the emotional and legal consequences of ‘Sexting’.
  • To understand peer pressure around alcohol and sex - raising awareness about the effects.
  • To identify and signpost options for sexual health.


110 mins (including access to the space)

Space needed

A hall.

Resources provided

A teacher’s pack with Powerpoint presentation.


Four actor/facilitators.


‘SexFM’ first toured as a play in 2000 in partnership with Enfield and Haringey health and education teams. It has been touring North and East London every year since.

Since 2009 has been reaching an average 4500 young people per year.

On average we work with 2000 young people per year.


SexFM was funded by Enfield Council, Haringey Council, Tottenham Grammar School Foundation.

"It was really engaging and informative, great to include sexism and respect."


"I learnt that I shouldn’t feel pressurized to have sex."

Pupil aged 14

"Excellent and engaging use of music, movement and spoken language."

"The teacher’s pack was detailed and informative."

"Speaking as a mum, a teacher and a gran – what you are dealing with in schools, sex and relationships (Sex FM) and domestic violence (Whisper Me Happy Ever After) - its so well done. This never happened when I went to school. I was so impressed that you could present difficult issues and there is no giggling -  unforgettable, incredible - and to enable the youngsters to come forward and talk about their problems and issues afterwards is truly amazing and inspiring. The fact that schools seek Face Front out because of your good reputation shows the quality of the work – Schools would run a mile if you did not deliver with integrity."

Anne, InterACTion Member

"The varied groups of actors have always demonstrated high levels of performing excellence and an ability to engage with young audiences. This testifies to the rigorous training and support which Face Front invests in their actors and the dedication to the aims of inclusive theatre."

Haringey Citizenship and Participation Manager

"Just wanted to email to say thank you so much for the performance this morning - it was absolutely excellent! The girls loved it. It touched upon so many important themes in such a sensitive way that the girls could understand clearly. I think they all took something away from it. Thanks again."

Hazel Saunders Director of Learning - Year 9, Hornsey School For Girls

"It was incredibly well thought out and performed.  The information was very relevant."

Teacher Year 9 Nightingale Academy

"Informative and engaging."

Teacher Year 10 Enfield Grammar

"Pitched very well – age appropriate."

Teacher Year 10 Enfield Grammar

"They (the students) were engaged and I know they were challenged by what was discussed…. Some common misconceptions were challenged and the drama tackled some of the issues we have dealt with."

Teacher Year 9 Ark John Keats Academy

"It teaches you a lot about sex that you might not learn in lessons or will get false information about."

Year 10 student Highgate Wood School

"Because it can protect you from doing something unintentionally dangerous." 

Year 10 student Alexandra Park School

"Well targeted and relevant to the year group."

Teacher Year 9 Highgate Wood School

Was very active and alive… pupils enjoyed the show… They learnt about STI’s and how to be safe in relationships.’   

Teacher Year 9 Highgate Wood School

"I just wanted to say a big thank you and to say the team of actors you had with us today were incredible, they were really engaged and got the girls full attention for the whole time. It was really well planned, well run, thought out and relevant to the students and I do think they all got something from it."

Shernaz Patell Teacher, Hornsey Girls School

"Thanks so much for having yesterday. We were blown away by the show and really enjoyed meeting you and the team."

Maria Schmidt Commissioner, Haringey Council

"Just wanted to say ‘Wow’ what an amazing… I think it is crucial that young people are given the opportunity to watch and learn about sexual health, consent, STIs and alcohol in such a positive way. I think they all felt very safe to share their views and not be judged. I love the way a few students got to take on some of the characters in the play! I really hope lots of other boroughs get to see your show. We are lucky in Haringey to have you! Thanks for giving me a few minutes to talk about the Safe talk and School Nurses at the end. I am hoping to start doing more group work in the school. Good luck with the rest of your shows."

Sally Chapman School Nurse Team Lead, Haringey School Nurses

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