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Art by Richard

July 10

Richard is a member of our Broken Silence group and is also an incredible artist. The subjects of his paintings very from much loved superhero and cartoon characters to famous film stars. A lucky few of the Face Front staff team have been fortunate enough to have been gifted some of Richard creations which take pride of place in homes across Enfield and beyond.

Here we have a small collection of art work that Richard has been kind enough to share with us for our online Face Front Fest 21. It include images of his paintings as well as one digital illustration.

Quote from the artist: “I hoped my Artwork for The Face Front Fest was good. I was quite happy to share my work and send some of my best pictures. I did well myself. Doing art does take a little time, so I just do one bit at a time in different colours and brush sizes. I’m always quite focused when I paint, it keeps the mind on the picture and it is kind of relaxing and quiet to myself when I work.” – Richard

A painting of Bugs Bunny – a grey and white cartoon rabbit – appearing out of a hole in the orange coloured ground, in front of blue background. He is holding his left hand out with a large toothed open mouth grin as if about to say his catch phrase of ‘What’s up doc?”
A digital illustration of a white dove on a bright sky blue background with streaks of grey to show shading. It’s wings are outstretched in flight. 

A jungle scene with lots of trees and foliage in the back and foreground. The man focus of the image is three tropical birds sitting on a branch. To the right of the image are two parrots with bright blue, red and yellow feathers. To the left is a Toucan with a black feathered body and a large orange beak.

This painting shows a selection of well known cartoon characters: Top left to right – Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Dais Duck. Goofy is on the bottom left, and Pluto is on the bottom right.

A painting of ‘Duck Dodgers’ – a cartoon duck who wears a green top and a red cape. He stands looks in mid flight flight with a hand raised in the air. To his left is the Moon and the backdrop is is a dark navy sky full of stars


July 10


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