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‘Resolution’ – A song by Broken Silence

July 14

Broken Silence is Face Front’s theatre group for disabled adults run by Jon French and Angie Wallis at Park Avenue Resource Centre in the borough of Enfield. The group is made up of 25+ adults with sensory and mobility impairments, mental health issues and learning disabilities. 

In 2019 one of our participants told us that she’d seen the famous David Attenborough documentaries about plastic being found in the oceans and suggested that our next production could have an environmental theme. We put the idea to the group and started to think about what happens under the sea. We talked about the way the world on land and the world below the sea need to live in harmony and this was the starting point for our new production. 

The group soon devised the characters they wanted to play, both in the human world and in the underwater world. Amongst the sea-life we meet a dolphin, killer whale, a crab, an oyster, a sea turtle, a manta ray, a shark, a sea snake, a jelly fish, a sea elephant and an octopus, whilst on the land we meet such diverse characters as a builder, a banker, a nurse, a bar owner, a teacher, a music therapist, a ruthless business woman, a racing driver, a detective, a clown, an assassin, a keep fit instructor and a make-up artist to the stars, to name but a few. 

Alongside these ocean dwelling folks, we also meet a fairly dysfunctional family of Mer-People and a marine biologist. Once these characters were in place, the improvisations began. 

Songs were written and a script was created for this new musical called, ‘Equilibrium’, but the prolonged impact of the pandemic meant it could not be performed, although rehearsals continued online. Towards the end of 2020 we decided to try to turn this stage show into a film where we could work in small groups in a socially distanced way and film it on a green screen. Face Front has now built a green screen studio in our existing premises and filming is hoped to start in August 2021. 

It soon became clear that a high-quality soundtrack would be needed for this project. So, work began on that recording. This has been a truly phenomenal task with our musical director Greg Williams coordinating with a self-isolating band and a remote working sound engineer to produce 17 songs. This process included three epic but fantastic days of recording the participants vocals individually before our brilliant sound engineer, Scotty Watson, could start mixing it all together. 

The songs you are hearing as part of this digital festival are the result of extreme hard work, imaginative use of technology, incredible patience, enormous talent and the desire to make something brilliant in an unprecedented and challenging environment. 

In this song all the characters come together in perfect harmony. The Mer family resolve their issues with one another and the humans work out a way to live in peace with the sea life, being more tolerant and conscious of the environment. 

Quotes from the artists:

“It was a very good experience, it was exciting, I liked the green screen” -Robin (Broken Silence participant) 

“Recording was a new experience, but I felt confident. I followed the songs and had to be counted in. I felt good and quite proud of myself” Richard (Broken Silence Participant) 

“It felt was really good, a fantastic experience. It brought back memories of being in my band” – Rose (Broken Silence Participant) 

“I felt like a pop star with the headphones and the big microphone. It was a good feeling and a good learning experience” – Barry (Broken Silence Participant) 

Songs by Greg Williams
Engineered and mixed by Scotty Watson

The Band:

Greg Williams – Guitar,  Jim Smith – Bass, Will Smith – Drums, Liz Smith – Keyboard


Lissa, Rose, Barry, Robin, Richard, Danny, Mezerat, Vathoulla, Sarah, Laura, Jon, Angie, Greg

Illustration: Max Stasiuk


July 14


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