In Loving Memory of Isadora – Forever in Our Hearts❤

Earlier this year, beloved InterACTion group member Isadora, sadly passed away at 90 years young. This is why at the end of the final episode of our radio drama ‘Mr & Mystery’, you will hear a dedication to her: In Loving Memory of Isadora  Forever in Our Hearts.

Whilst it’s not about anyone having ‘favourites’ – it is fair to say that EVERYONE at InterACTion and Face Front had a particularly soft spot for Isadora. Whenever her name came up in conversation, you could be sure that it would always illicit a smile from all who heard it. And this still holds true, even if there has also been tears to go with it too at times now.

The first time InterACTion came together again online following her passing, we took time to reflect on the Isadora we knew and loved. Here is some of what the group had to say.

Ray – “Something small Ray” – It became a little catch phrase after one minibus drop off and she was going to have fish and chips. After that, I’d always ask if she was having fish and chips but she’d always reply “oh no – something small Ray” and it would make us laugh. I also remember rehearsing a phone scene with Isadora for ‘Between the Wi and the FI’ and things went a little off script and it was just so funny, she had the whole cast in laughing for ages – it was just brilliant. She really had the X – factor, she could read the back of a cornflakes packet and make it sound interesting.

Lydia – I can’t believe it! I watched the service twice.

Mez – I’ve known her for a long time. She was always laughing. I will miss her a lot. I will always remember her smiling.

Greg.  – We met when we worked on the ‘Tales from the New River’ project. We’d talk a lot during breaks as I gave her a tea. We would discuss our health issues, but she was always so positive – I think that’s why she lived so long. She was a natural improviser, with great comic timing and had us laughing. I will remember her as an amazing woman.

Mehment – I’ve known her since going to her church on the bus. I felt so upset to hear she died, so shocking. But she will always be in our hearts and looking down on us. God bless.

Mary – We became close because we went on the same bus. We’d call and have a chat and we met in a park to have a sandwich. she would say what’s the point in complaining. I will remember her kindness and how she cared. She was one of the best in our group.

Mo – I think of how Lydia and Isadora would spare off each other and I will remember her fondly.

Ros – She was really funny, she really made me laugh with accents/inter-island jokes and stories. I will miss her teasing me, and I will miss teasing her.

Altan – Where do I start. When I heard, I was so surprised, I just started crying because I couldn’t believe it – the whole day. She was so full of life. I thought of her like a second grandma. I still feel like it’s a dream for her to be gone. But she would want us to be happy, and not to be too sad.

Danny – She was full of life and amazing. Not afraid to speak her mind and I admired her for that. She was one of a kind.

We will miss Isadora deeply and will certainly feel the presence of her absence when we come together again – but we will find comfort, smile and be thankful for her kindness, her warmth, her good humour and her creativity – “God willing”.