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We’ve been around for nearly 20 years, relying entirely on grants and donations to create the original, ground-breaking Inclusive theatre that addresses social issues and helps disabled people to find work in the arts.

Through our Theatre in Schools, Participation and Training programmes, we aim to make a difference.

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You’ve been a supporter of Face Front but you’ve probably never thought that you could support us when you’re gone – by leaving us something in your will.

Everyone knows it’s important to make a will, to avoid complications and confusion among your relatives.

And many people leave some of their money to charity.

It’s a great way to continue your generosity – and help us continue our vital work in local communities with people who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

Donations help us make a difference 

Anything you leave us, large or small, helps Face Front to survive and grow.

You can choose to make a bequest to Face Front of a fixed amount or a proportion of your net estate after the payment of other bequests and expenses.

Have you ever considered supporting Face Front Inclusive Theatre in your Will?

Would you like to leave a gift that would continue our vital work in local communities with those who are socially and economically disadvantaged?

A gift that means your generosity can allow others to challenge boundaries and change their lives for the better.

Every single gift in your Will, however large or small, counts.

Leaving a legacy in your Will to Face Front will make a real difference.

Over the last 19 years Face Front has been a so much to so many including.

Making a Will

Including Face Front in a will is usually simple and can help limit the tax payable on your estate.

But making a will is a task for an expert and we advise you to consult a solicitor accountant or high street bank specialist for guidance.

It’s also a sensitive subject that you may want to discuss with your loved ones.

When you’re ready, we would be happy to discuss it with you, especially if you’re thinking of bequeathing land, property or belongings to Face Front.

To find out more please contact Face Front:

020 8350 3461 or email info@facefront.org

Face Front Inclusive Theatre | Limited Company No. 05154096 | Registered Charity No. 1116506
Main Office & Studio: 52 Market Square, Edmonton Green, London N9 0TZ - Telephone: 020 8350 3461

- Edmonton Green Charity Of The Year -

Email Face Front: info@facefront.org | Donate to Face Front


PATRONS - Mat Fraser - Josette Bushell-Mingo OBE - Rachel Denning - Doris Jiagge - Aditya Chakrabortty - Judy Hepburn - Onjali Rauf MBE - Joseph Adelakun


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