Theatre in Schools

Engaging and accessible theatre on issues such as domestic abuse, sex and relationships, and bullying.

Professional disabled and non-disabled artists perform in, and run, theatre productions and workshops aimed at improving pupils’ emotional well-being, helping them to lead active, healthy and positive lives.

Our programmes support social, educational and creative development in special and mainstream schools. Each year our workshops reach approximately 10,000 young people.

Many of our shoes are designed to support the school curriculum. Please contact us for further information

We present a family experiencing domestic abuse and explore the effects on the mental health of children who witness it.

After the theatre piece, pupils interact with the characters and consider what they could have done to get the help they needed and deserved.

Subsequently, pupils can talk to our counsellor and team members to discuss personal issues raised by the play.

Suitable For

Years 5 and 6

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The Carbon Footprint Detective Agency is an efficient way to change behaviour, and reduce energy use and bills in primary schools!

Suitable For

Key stage 2 (ages 7-11)

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The actor/facilitators lead interactive drama games and exercises to help pupils understand the dangers of Cyber-Bullying.

Additionally the workshops help students understand the laws around online bullying, sexting, exposing.

Suitable For

Years 1 to 8.

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The transition from school to adult life can be difficult.

The play explores the issues for a group of young people with learning disabilities, and includes multiple communication tools including music, movement, poetry, makaton and film.

The piece is based on the ‘Forum Theatre’ style, where the audience explore how to make positive outcomes through changing the actions of the characters.

Suitable For

Learning disabled young people from 14 – 21 years

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The programme includes performances and workshops exploring the issues raised. All our programmes for mainstream primary and secondary pupils are also available to Special Schools.

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"I have known of Face Front for many years but had never made it to a performance. In the back of my mind I was expecting to see something that I would have to strain to follow, how wrong I was. The performance of It’s My Move was polished, and every actor, disabled or not, captivated my attention. The plot was engaging and highly relevant to many of the young people watching. There was also considered support for those young people to enter into the play and become part of action at the end, some of them being profoundly disabled including with learning difficulties. I came away transformed in my view as to the potential for disabled people in the realm of performance, and their audience, with appropriate care and attention."   

Martine Drake Project Coordinator, Mind in Enfield

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"The Enfield Healthy Schools Programme has worked in a close partnership with Face Front and has always valued the quality and professionalism Face Front has provided, as well as being particularly impressed with their inclusivity in terms of their disabled and BAME actors and their accessible style of performance."

Una Archer Curriculum Access and Support Manager, London Borough of Enfield

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"I loved It’s My Move! I found myself enjoying, laughing, thinking and learning all at the same time. It was so immersive for me to be surrounded by young people responding and being reactive to the content and first hand seeing them be reflective with the characters you presented. I felt inspired and went straight back to Shed to tell everyone about it. I really feel that practitioners who are in any role of working with a young person approaching transition should see that piece, it acts as a reminder for us too, to listen to “their voice, their choice”. I also couldn’t help but watch in envy at all the signing, I was practising all the new signs as I left and cannot wait to see more of your work. Congratulations to the whole team- I hope the run goes as well as you deserve!"

Ashling Foat Company and Volunteer Manager, Haringey Shed

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"Just wanted to say ‘Wow’ what an amazing production. We just saw Sex FM at Park View Academy. Thank you for letting us come to the show. Myself, Joy and Jennifer really enjoyed it. I think it is crucial that young people are given the opportunity to watch and learn about sexual health, consent, sti’s and alcohol in such a positive way. I think they all felt very safe to share their views and not be judged. I love the way a few students got to take on some of the characters in the play! I really hope lots of other boroughs get to see your show. We are lucky in Haringey to have you!"

Sally Chapman School Nurse Team Lead, Haringey School Nurses)

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