Whisper Me Digital

Whisper Me Digital


‘Whisper Me Digital’ is a film and series of interactive PowerPoints which follows a family experiencing domestic abuse. It explores how it affects the mental health of young people who witness it. 

Guided by the characters and through facilitation from the teacher, it allows young people to interact with the characters of the film. 

This gives them an opportunity to make positive changes to the dilemmas faced by the characters in the film and understand how to get help.

How to Sign Up 

Visit the 'Whisper Me Digital' Website

Suitable for 

Years 5 and 6.


  • Explore emotional health and wellbeing issues related to domestic abuse with young people aged 9-11 years old and up to age 19 years old in special schools.
  • To develop strategies for dealing with violence in the home to increase resilience, reduce stress, improve general emotional wellbeing and school attendance.
  • To raise awareness about domestic violence, teaching peer support skills and informing children about how to get help and support.
  • To prevent future domestic abuse by confronting the emotional and legal consequences.


  • We provide a teacher’s pack of ideas and sign-posting information.
  • We can also send a poster for the school, a worry box and cards with information about help for all pupils.

Visit the Whisper Me Digital website and sign up to access the free Whisper Me Digital programme resources.


Adapted from the impactful theatre programme by Julie McNamara and Face Front Inclusive Theatre.


Lesson 1: Pre-Film- 1 hour

Lesson 2: Watch the Film and Interactive PowerPoint- 90mins

Lesson 3: Post-Film and Further Activities- 25mins

Audience Response 

'‘The film provoked a lot of interest and thoughtful discussion. Thank you so much for the resources.’' (Teacher- Primrose Hill Primary, 2022)

“I’ve learnt that children have the right to speak about their problems and someone can help.” (Pupil aged 10)

“I learnt if you are going through domestic violence you have to tell a trusted adult even if you are scared and your parents tell you not to.” (Pupil aged 9)


With funding and support from: Arts Council England, Camden Council, City Bridge Trust, Enfield Council, Haringey London Council, John Lyon’s Charity, L&Q Foundation, Portal Trust, Tottenham Grammar Foundation and Young Barnet Foundation.

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