• Between the Wi and the Fi
  • Between the Wi & the Fi
  • The Originators
  • Determined and the Damned
  • The Determined and the Damned

InterAction Theatre Group


Open to all.

Our youngest member is 11 and the oldest is 96.

We welcome disabled and non-disabled people from all cultures and backgrounds.

There are 20+ members.


The group learns music and theatre skills, write and perform their own shows, led by experienced professional artist/facilitators.

There have been opportunities to gain training and accreditation through the Open College Network. Members are also encouraged to lead parts of the sessions.

As well as performing, the group can go on theatre trips and join in other social events.

Meeting Day and Time

Thursdays during term time from 5-7:30 pm

Meeting Place

Ponders End United Reformed Church Hall, College Court (Off Ponders End High Road)  EN3 4EY and Face Front Studio, 52 Market Square, Edmonton, London N9 0TZ

Cost Per Session

Pay what you can


‘InterACTion’ began as a project creating a large scale community show about the people of Ponders End.

The project was so successful that a legacy inter-generational group was set up.

It has thrived making and performing many plays based on the local area.

InterACTion rehearsing 2019

InterACTion rehearsing 2019

Between the Wi and the Fi (2019) 

From mobile phones to virtual personal assistants, from drones to androids - technology is everywhere in our modern lives.

At the same time, loneliness is a growing epidemic effecting everyone in society.

This inclusive play with music explores the impact of both on a busy modern family.

Written, devised and performed by a cast aged 11 – 94!

Between the Wi and the Fi

InterACTion performing 'Between the Wi and the Fi' at the Dugdale Centre

The Originators (2017) 

The Originators are immortal beings. Their role, over millions of years, is to create humans, populating worlds within parallel universes. They decide to make an unprecedented visit to observe their creations.

Landing in the Ponders End and Edmonton area, the Originators have come to investigate life in 2017.

They are amazed at the human’s strength in adversity but are concerned at the direction their future seems to be taking.

Exploring themes of immigration, isolation and the struggle for identity, the InterACTion drama group created an entertaining, moving and unforgettable journey using humour, drama and original music. 

The play was performed at the Dugdale Theatre in 2017.

 The Originators

 The Originators

Determined and the Damned (2015) 

A musical play contrasting the stories of two local women from history with contemporary life.

The play followed the lives of Elizabeth Sawyer from the 17th century, who was known as the ‘Witch of Edmonton’, and Gladys Aylward, a cockney missionary who had tremendous adventures including saving over 100 orphans.

The play was performed at the Dugdale Theatre.

Chinese prisoners rioting

Chinese prisoners rioting

Tales of the New River (2014)

A historical musical play to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the New River, which runs through Enfield and on to central London.

The play was researched and co-written by the group and professional theatre/music makers.

It was very successful and played to packed houses at the Dugdale Theatre and Forty Hall in Enfield and at the River Head in Islington.

No Fixed Abode (2014)

A musical play based on experiences of homelessness within the group.

The play was performed at a local festival raising awareness of homelessness and to support a new shelter in Enfield.

New River Tales

New River Tales

Health and Happiness - 2012/2013

A revue commissioned by local groups to raise awareness of the importance of keeping healthy and happy and the activities available to help.

Performing Health and Happiness at the Dugdale Theatre

Ponderful People (2012)

‘Ponderful people’ was co-written by local people and a professional script writer and was performed in a giant marquee in Ponder’s End Park in 2012.

Ponderful People

Performing Ponderful People in Ponders End 2012.


Interaction is funded by Comic Relief, Enfield Council Capacity Fund, Enfield Residents Priority Fund, Fairshare (Lottery), People’s Health Trust, People’s Postcode Lottery, Reaching Communities (the National Lottery), The Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund and Anonymous.

To Join

The InterACTion Theatre Group is currently full - but if you would like to added to the waiting list please contact the Face Front office on 020 8350 3461 or email info@facefront.org.

"You have really brought me out of my shell."

Disabled Participant

"He has never come to a community group on his own before but he is thriving - his confidence has soared and we were so so proud to see him perform on stage."

Family member about a blind/learning disabled participant.

"My confidence has improved no end, I never thought that I would be able to perform on stage to all those people."

Older Participant

"It's the most diverse group I have ever experienced."

Audience member

"We all support each other and that is the best part."


"I so look forward to our sessions. it's the best thing I do by far, it keeps me going through the week."

Young participant

"I have made more friends and I enjoy being around other people, I am usually alone all day."

Older participant

'It has helped me grow so much and its like a family and everyone here has taught me so much about myself and I want to learn more. And now I want to pass that on to people around me. Face Front is for disability and non-disability people who need support.’

Mezeret Trustee, InterACTion member, learning disabled performer

"For our first Interaction play we found out about Ponders End  - I’ve lived here since 1959 and I did not know a quarter of what we found out and it was exciting to find out about history in a different way – it was so much more interesting than picking up a piece of paper and reading about it. You remember it – you don’t forget it when you learn about history through theatre."

Anne InterACTion Member

"The joy for me is that it brings people together who would not normally be together - Interaction particularly. You might spend your whole life and not meet someone disabled – you could spend you whole life and not know someone of a different culture to you. The young don’t usually mix with with the older - especially nowadays where everything is so separated - and the wonder is that we do all get to know each other and we would not normally have the opportunity to do that and the second wonder is nothing ever happens that we are not involved in. We are a part of it, we think about it, we decide what we are going to do, we write it and the quality of it, by the time its all put together with Face Front's expertise and experience is just great. I go about and people are constantly talking to me because I was the witch of Edmonton! I have a reputation now that goes far and wide! The point is they remember the show and how good it was. The quality of it all is superb and most of us don’t get the chance to be a part of something like that. In another group you might be given a script and told to do it – but in Face Front you ARE it and that’s the wonder."

Anne InterACTion Member

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