• DDM - The Great Game Show
  • DDM - The Great Game Show
  • DDM - The Great Game Show


DDM is our performing arts group for young people to begin to experience Drama, Dance and Music. Young people attend for between 18 – 24 months and then they are encouraged to move on to integrated or mainstream arts activities.


Young disabled people from 14 – 18 years. There are approximately 12 people in the group


The group is introduced to drama, dance and music skills and have also worked with film.

They create their own performances, sharing them with friends and family and the general public.

They learn leadership skills and run sections of each session. They also run workshops and perform scenarios in local schools.

Recent cohorts have gained bronze and silver arts awards and two members achieved a gold arts award.

It’s a great place to improve confidence, make friends and be creative.

Meeting Day

Wednesdays after school.

Meeting Place

Face Front studio, 52 Market Square Edmonton, London N9 0TZ


2 – 2.5 hours


‘DDM’ was set up and named by a steering group of young disabled people, and supported by Youth Opportunities in Enfield.

They have been running successful clubs since 2007 with each new cohort bringing a different energy and dynamic.

They have put on many shows, made films and linked with other groups sharing arts activities.

The young people gain both arts and social skills and grow into confident and happy young adults.

The Great Game Show (2019)

From Britain's Got Talent to I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, from The Great British Bake Off to The Chase, game shows are more popular than ever.

Our show combines them all and explores the notions of winning, losing and what friendship and teamwork really means.

The World is A Slice of Life (2017)

The play was inspired by a map of the world, international music, ensemble theatre and each member of the group writing and/or directing their own scene.

The glue that sticks it all together is the idea that the human race is collectively doing everything! The World has 7 billion people and growing. All of these people are busy! So, at any given moment of any given day, someone somewhere else is doing something else…


DDM is funded by: Children In Need, Enfield CouncilThe Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, The Boshier-Hinton Foundation and Big Lottery

DDM performing The Great Gameshow


DDM Group

Case Study

One of the group members found it very difficult to take turns when she first joined. She would only focus when all the attention was on her and when she was doing something she had chosen. (Some of the group thought she was a 'diva'). If she was tired the whole group would know about it. She would get very argumentative and take herself off to a corner and sulk. Consequently, she found it hard to make friends or learn in any sustained manner.

Slowly but surely she began to realise that the sessions were about taking turns. She saw that being an encouraging yet critical audience member, watching others in the group and them watching her was enjoyable and important for all of them to improve their performance pieces. At first, when asked to perform in front of others she would giggle or refuse or would do it once and never again. But as the trust grew within the group and she learnt that the leaders and other group members had high expectations of her, she began to take her performance and group work seriously and managed to choreograph her own dance piece which she performed and delivered perfectly on many occasions. 

She also found difficulty following improvisations at first. She would just say whatever came into her head. As time went on, she understood about role-play and was able to take on another character and follow the action of the piece. She also learnt how to lead games and exercises and was extremely proud of herself when the rest of the group enjoyed a game that she had set up.

These skills that she learnt at the group changed her and helped her to understand and make use of skills to make and keep friends, to be able to understand how others felt and how to help and support them. Consequently, she gained a group of firm friends that began to go out socially together as well as getting on better at school. She also learnt how to be able to listen and learn from others instead of blocking learning by getting angry and refusing to contribute.

Her parents were overjoyed at the change in her and were incredibly proud of her achievement in her amazing dance solo, her wonderful improvisation and in her gaining a silver arts award despite severe learning disability.

'She absolutely loves coming here, it is the highlight of her week. Her dance solo was amazing and she would practice it at home. Her confidence has improved, and so have her moods. I could not believe that she led a group game.'

'I love dancing and acting, I love coming here, I don't want it to finish - EVER' Participant

What They Say

"They really went with the programme and understood what I was trying to teach them. They are so confident now."

Guest Tutor

"Their confidence has grown so much and now some of the shy ones are also speaking out more at school".

Support Worker and Teaching Assistant

"I wasn't confident when I started, I got very embarrassed but now I have learnt to be confident and I can lead games and perform."


"There is a notable difference in their confidence levels, at first there was a lot of giggling, or members refused to show their work to each other. Now they are proud of their work, speak out, maintain eye contact, believe in themselves and even ran a workshop for 30 mainstream children, I was so proud of them."

Project Manager

"It has been a pleasure to work with DDM. They have all achieved the Silver Arts Awards with flying colours."

Arts Award Tutor

"They are not just my friends; they feel like my family."


"It was great fun."

DDM participant

"I feel much more confident now."

DDM participant

"She has enjoyed it so much and is more outgoing."

Parent / carer

"She used to be so shy, I am so surprised that she is confident enough to perform in front of us all and she is more confident at home and school now."

Parent / carer

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