Theatre for All

Our multi-accessible performance style is a distinct and exciting theatrical form, appealing to a wide range of established and new audiences and participants.

Face Front runs three programmes:

Engaging and accessible issue-based theatre to improve children and young people’s emotional well-being.

Professional disabled and non-disabled artists run theatre performance and workshop programmes for special and mainstream schools, supporting their social, educational and creative development.

Topics include domestic abuse, sex and relationships, bullying and the transition of disabled children from school to adult life.

Arts projects and workshops for disabled and non-disabled young people and adults to improve confidence, reduce isolation and gain arts and social skills 

Training in the arts, education, health and diversity.

Including courses, master classes and work placement schemes for emerging disabled artists, for policy makers, health, education and social care professionals, for companies and other organisations around diversity, disability equality and unconscious bias.

"I have always found the organisation to produce work of quality and have been particularly impressed by the way they develop disabled artists and make their work accessible to disabled audiences."

Paula Ghosh Principal Grants Officer London Councils

Is it for you?

We work with, and for, people with physical, sensory and learning impairments, invisible disabilities and mental health issues, as well as disadvantaged, non-disabled people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.

Disabled people in particular face multiple challenges, including restricted access to leisure, employment and education due to physical, attitudinal and communication barriers as well as active discrimination.

Many young people we work with experience emotional and mental health issues – especially from experience of domestic abuse, bullying or the transition from school to adult life. Older and disabled beneficiaries face social isolation and poverty.

At the core of all our work is our belief that 'it's about belonging'. We bring people together through the arts to improve quality of life. Participants in our regular groups value their Face Front ‘family’ or ‘community’ and build support networks around their theatre participation.

"The varied groups of actors have always demonstrated high levels of performing excellence and an ability to engage with young audiences. This testifies to the rigorous training and support which Face Front invests in their actors and the dedication to the aims of inclusive theatre."

Mike Davis Citizenship and Participation Manager

"I've worked in education for 44 years and I remember the first time I took children to a theatre in education production (way back in the 1970s). It was very slick and glossy and in the West End and its message was 'Don't drop litter'! What a terrible waste of time, money but above all OPPORTUNITY! And then there is Face Front, tackling real issues that affect our children, cancer, disability, intolerance, bullying, domestic violence (to name but a few) and helping them grow into good citizens, despite the damage that has been done to them. My support has only ever been that of gratitude that you have taken children's struggles seriously and given teachers an opportunity to support them in a truly meaningful way."

Gerry Wright Deputy Headteacher, Fleecefield Primary School

"It’s My Move is an extremely high quality project. I watched it alongside the young people and saw it working first hand. I felt it was intelligently put together by trained professionals who were clearly experts in this topic. The supporting material and guidance for staff, parents and carers was also exceptional. Most importantly it was accessible. I was so moved by the piece I told some of my local contacts so that more young people could be part of this project… Face Front have always operated with professionalism, members of the their team such as Ray Downing and Anne Smol we hold in high regard and are well respected in our industry."

Ashling Foat Company & Volunteer Manager, Haringey Shed Theatre Company

"I have known of Face Front for many years… Last year I attended ‘It’s My Move’ at a local school for children with learning difficulties. Despite nearly 20 years of working in the voluntary sector with a broad range of experience, in the back of my mind I was expecting to see something that I would have to strain to follow, how wrong I was. The performance was polished, and every actor, disabled or not, captivated my attention. The plot was engaging and highly relevant to the young people watching.  There was also considered support for those young people to enter into the play and become part of action at the end, some of them being profoundly disabled. I came away transformed in my view as to the potential for disabled people in the realm of performance with appropriate care and attention, as provided by Face Front."

Martine Drake Wellbeing Projects Co-ordinator, Mind in Enfield

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