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  • Sandwich Man
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  • Broken Silence perform ZAP!
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Broken Silence


‘Broken Silence’ is an adult drama group of approximately 20 disabled participants with sensory and mobility impairments, mental health issues and learning difficulties.


Participants devise ideas using drama, movement and music with the aim of developing these ideas into a performance piece.

Once the performance has been agreed the weekly sessions become rehearsals leading to public performance.

Two pieces have been original musicals performed at the Dugdale Theatre in Enfield. ‘Sandwich Man’ is the latest, also performing there in July 2017.

Meeting Day



Two hours during term time

Meeting Place

Park Avenue Resource Centre in Enfield.


Broken Silence was formed in 2003 to create a play about the institutional abuse of disabled people.

This was used as a training tool for health and social care professionals.

Since then the performances have been a mixture of issue-based and pure entertainment plays but always presenting life from the disabled person’s point of view and raising awareness for the audiences.

The last three productions have been original musicals.


Broken Silence rehearsing

ZAP! (2014)

This musical is a story of family, loss, appreciation and ultimately gratitude, told with music, dance and a time-travelling microwave oven.

A mother and her two sons go on an unexpected journey from present day back to 1940, war time Britain.

Zap! - Performed by Broken Silence

Zap! - Performed by Broken Silence

Our Island (2015)

This musical follows the lives of the Elder and his daughter, Innocent.

They are the only human inhabitants on a remote island with a whole host of extraordinary animals to keep them company.

This magical island has everything anyone could ever need; food, shelter, beautiful sunsets and safety.

As Innocent grows older she starts to ask questions about the world outside the island and dreams of meeting other human beings.

One day, to the Elder’s horror, explorers land on the island. Can the Elder keep his perfect life intact or will his daughter leave him to follow her dreams?

Our Island performed at The Dugdale Theatre, Enfield

Our Island performed at The Dugdale Theatre, Enfield

Sandwich Man (2017)

An emergency summit has been called by politicians to find a solution to the global food shortage and they have turned to the most powerful beings on the planet - The Super Heroes.

Meanwhile on the other side of town Bill runs a hostel for the hungry and homeless.

In this uplifting and moving new musical Broken Silence transport the audience from the opulent super hero summit in a lavish hotel to Bill’s humble hostel and back again.

Will the Super Heroes provide the answers, or is Bill doing more to help the situation than all of the powerful and elite put together?

Sandwich Man - the musical

Sandwich Man - the musical

The Myth of Marvo’s Millions (2019)

The story follows an unscrupulous hypnotise and fortunate teller who learn of a hidden treasure inside a travelling circus.

Using their magical skill and trickery they set out to find and steal these riches.

But they are eventually thwarted by the circus performers.

This attempted robbery is set against the backstage and interworking of a travelling circus.

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Broken Silence has been Funded by: Enfield Council, Park Avenue Disability Resource Centre, Lloyds TSB, People’s Health Trust, Awards for All (BIG Lottery), Reaching Communities (the National Lottery), Co-op Local Community FundJohnson Matthey PLCThe Leathersellers’ Company Charitable Fund, The Goldsmiths' Company and the Greggs Foundation.

To Join

The Broken Silence group is currently full - but if you would like to added to the waiting list please contact the Face Front office on 020 8350 3461 or email info@facefront.org.

What They Say

‘This is a truly uplifting and joyous production with high production values’

‘At last we have a voice, we wanted to show the way disabled people are treated – and we did it through our play’

Adult Participant

‘This was a powerful and thought provoking drama with clear messages that challenge us to do everything that we can do to understand and prevent abuse(of Disabled people), while also supporting victims’

Ray James Head Enfield Adult Services

‘It was not what I was expecting at all, the production was such high quality, it opened my eyes to what disabled people can achieve, I really genuinely enjoyed it’

Family member

‘It has changed my life, it is so amazing to be in a play with everyone.’


I love coming to Face Front otherwise I would be sitting watching television all day’  


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