Laundry Boy

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A Face Front and InterACTion Theatre Group Production

Laundry Boy

Love, home and work - Martin's life is in a spin

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“Two women of two lifetimes,
we now can understand…

…they both were determined,
but one of them was damned!”

A chaotic theatre group full of colourful characters can’t decide what to do their next play about – until they are visited by two remarkable women from Edmonton’s past.

Elizabeth Sawyer, who lived in the 17th century, a compassionate yet tormented woman accused of witchcraft. Watch as her tragic fate unfolds before your very eyes.

Gladys Aylward, a humble working woman-turned missionary, bound for China. Witness her adventures, perils and bravery.

Come and see how their lives and choices could impact the course of our history forever!

Join the InterACTion theatre group on a journey of discovery through song, movement, tragedy and laughter and be prepared to be inspired.


Wednesday 28 October, 2015
Matinee: 1pm and evening: 7.30pm

Thursday 29 October, 2015
Matinee: 1pm and evening: 7.30pm

Running time: 2 hours, including an interval.

[Suitable for ages 10+]


Tickets: £10 

Concessions are available.


Dugdale Centre
39 London Road

Production Team

Directors: Annie Smol, Danny Charalambos, Greg Williams, Anthony Kralik, Luke Ricketts, Mo Cross, Hatice Ivecen, Rima Chowdhury, Anne McGilchrist, Delia Ryde

Scriptwriters & Lyrics

Devised by the InterACTion Theatre Group

Supported by Face Front Inclusive Theatre

Writing Team: Greg Williams, Anne McGilchrist, Delia Ryde, Luke Ricketts, Danny Charalambos, Rima Chowdhury, Mo Cross, Lydia Jangdhari, Rose Bramble, Annie Smol

Music composed by: Greg Williams

Publicity & Marketing

Creative Team: Luke Ricketts, Tracey Viechweg, Hatice Ivecen

Graphic Design: Nigel Kellaway

Stage Management

Production Manager: Ray Downing
Technical Stage Manager: Nigel Kellaway
Stage Manager: Laura Davitt
Assistants: Barry Churchill, Rebecca Seabrook, Luke Ricketts, Angie Diamantopoulou, Hatice Ivecen, May Drew Cooper, Mo Cross
Front of House: Tracey Viechweg, Sally Ricketts, Stephen Ricketts, Jon French, Patrick McCarthy, Joanna McCarthy

Design & Makers

Head of Design: Mo Cross
Advisors: Flo Hazard, Jo Paul
Designers and Makers: Luke Ricketts, Hatice Ivecen, Rebecca Seabrook, Barry Churchill, Delia Ryde, Hazel Ivecen
Costumes: Mo Cross, Rebecca Seabrook, Pat West, Christina Loupis-Chacholiades, Andriana Chacholiades, Emetine Designs
Film-maker: Nigel Kellaway


Sebastian, Devil, Ensemble: Luke Ricketts
Gladys 1, Narrator: Lydia Jangdhari
Gladys 2, Preeti: Rima Chowdhury
Gladys 3, Fred: Delia Ryde
Elizabeth 1, Narrator: Anne McGilchrist
Elizabeth 2, Kayley, Ensemble: Hazal Ivecen
Elizabeth 3, Jo: Hatice Ivecen
Prisoner 1, Michael, Ensemble: Mike Robinson
Prisoner 2 , Zeynep, Ensemble: Esen Etkin
Isabel, Kei, Ensemble: Meseret Zekai
Adem, John, Ensemble: Altan Etkin
Narrator, Nine: Rebecca Domin
Roz, Mandarin, Ensemble: Roz West
Mary, Jeannie Lawson, Ensemble: Isadora Edwards
Jim, Yang Joan, Ensemble: Barry Churchill
Nikos, Bert, Ensemble: Arthur Giorgiou
Violet, Maureen, Ensemble: Rose Bramble
Becky, Agnes, Ensemble: Jyn Walker
Quentin, Judge, Ensemble: Anthony Kralik
Gordon, Edward, Ensemble: Danny Charalambous
Mo, Susan, Guv, Ensemble: Mo Cross
Morris, First Officer, Ensemble: Rod Kralik
Lisa, Ming, Ensemble: Becky Seabrook
Mr. Banks: Greg Williams
Interpreter: Catrin Thomas

The Band

Guitar and Vocals: Greg Williams
Drums and Vocals: Will Smith
Bass Guitar: Liz Smith
Keyboards: Martin Tugade

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