Princess of the Graveyard Palace

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Produced in partnership with Face Front Inclusive Theatre & Stratford Circus Arts Centre

Supported by Arts Council England

Princess of the Graveyard Palace

An Ellen Goody production

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‘Engaging in both style and content, thought-provoking.’
(Gus Garside, Arts Manager, Mencap)

‘tremendously powerful, informative and moving.’
(Colm Gallagher)

‘An intriguing and exciting work that asks why, in this day and age, we still exclude some people from happiness, and from life itself.’
(Sarah Archdeacon)

A Princess is anxious. Her father the King is sick. Can she cope with his death? And can she cope with the job of replacing him?

With the help of her friend Lily, a dignified acceptance of life and death sees her part of the way through.

But there is another world out there that doesn’t go by the same values - a world, sometimes stupid and sometimes cruel, that is obsessed with putting some people in boxes - and perhaps worse.

Lily and the Princess can see what is going on, but will their own values prevail? Drama, dance and music lead us through a life-and-death puzzle.


Thursday 12 January, 2017
Matinee: 1pm and evening: 7.30pm

Thursday 29 October, 2015
Matinee: 1pm and evening: 7.30pm

Running time: 2 hours, including an interval.

[Suitable for ages 10+]


Tickets: FREE 


Stratford Circus Arts Centre
Theatre Square
E15 1BX

Tel: 020 8279 1080

Production Team

An Ellen Goody production with: Chris Goodey, Annie Smol, Kat Gill, Ruta Irrite, Iris Ederer

Scriptwriters & Lyrics

Written by: Ellen Goodey with Chris Goodey

Music by: Iris Ederer

Publicity & Marketing

Graphic Design: Nigel Kellaway

Stage Management

Produced by: Ray Downing
Production Manager:
 Nigel Kellaway
Assistants: Jamilah Yakubu, Penny Gkritzapi, Abigail Darton, Barry Churchill

Design & Makers

Designer: Ruta Irrite

Video Projections: Nigel Kellaway


Performed by 
Jon French
Sarah-Jane Wingrave
Adam Smith
Diana Patel
Robin McDonald
Barry Churchill
Rebecca Seabrook
Delson Weekes

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