Celebrating 25 years of the National Lottery

Happy Birthday!

This year Face Front Inclusive Theatre was lucky enough to be awarded funding from The National Lottery. That money has helped make a real difference to our participants in our all community groups including: DDM, Broken Silence and InterACTion.

We will be celebrating The National Lottery’s 25th Birthday on 19th November 2019 but we will start to celebrate throughout Face Front Fest’19 in July. Celebrate with us and support our the three performances including:

• The Great Game Show by DDM on Wednesday 3rd July at 5pm at Face Front Studio.

• The Myth of Marvo’s Millions by Broken Silence Theatre Group on Thursday 11th July @ 1pm & 7:30pm and Friday 12th July @ 7:30pm

• Between The Wi and the Fi by InterACTion Theatre Group on performances: Thursday 25th July @ 7:30pm and Friday 26th July @ 1pm & 7:30pm

• More info on: www.facefront.org & 0208 350 3461