Placement Students Reflect on Their Time at Face Front

From October 2023 to April 2024, Face Front has played host to three placement students.

Kayla and Roshaan, two undergraduate Performing Arts students from the University of East London, joined our Blue Sky Actors drama group in the Autumn to support with participants on the devising and performing of our panto ‘It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Ex-Mas’.  Here is what they had to say about their experience:


“I was thrilled to join Face Front Inclusive Theatre’s Blue Sky Actors as a placement student from University Of East London gaining work experience. Even though I came slightly later in the development of the work, I had fun. It was a great opportunity and experience to meet new people and see how they run things while having so much positive energy to keep everyone up and going while giving me more experience to work with people with different disabilities in such a great understanding environment.” Roshaan















“Working with blue sky actors was a whirlwind that I’ll forever cherish. I can say as an individual I have never worked with such an inviting and incredible cast before. I met some amazing people and created some wonderful memories that will forever stick with me. I first came to the group nervous and anxious for my first day but I felt so comfortable and welcomed within seconds of meeting everyone. It was a journey that allowed me to prepare for the theatre industry in the real world. Through this I found a real love for Blue Sky, so I decided to take another placement opportunity with them. Once again thank you Blue Sky because you a really allowed me to express myself and explore my opportunities.”  Kayla


Indeed, Kayla  and Roshaan did join us for an additional project with the Blue Sky Actors; our recent production: ‘4×4’. We now wish them luck for their summer term of studies.

In the spring of this year we also played host to ‘GB’! (AKA Greg) from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (where the Principle is none other than Face Front patron Josette Bushell-Mingo OBE).  Here is what Greg had to say about his time with us.


“Hi, my names Greg and I’m an MA Applied theatre student at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.Being a MA student at Uni can be tough and a bit of slog at times with writing endless essays. But there are times when it’s glorious and I can see the work not just in theory but in practice. My placement at Face Front has been just that.

I have been on placement with the company since early Feb, and I have learned so much. From observing the show “Whisper Me Happy Ever After”, a show touring primary schools about the effects of domestic violence and what young people can do if they need help. I learned about the skill and dedication needed to produce work like this. And the work that goes into making it accessible to children. Seeing forum theatre in action, and the positive impact it has on people and the agency it gives them will never leave me. I have also been supporting in Bridge Group on Tuesday evenings and Broken Silence and DDM on Wednesdays. Here I witnessed what the arts can do. To help people unlock their innate creativity, to give them an outlet to express themselves, to create a community in an increasingly fractured world, to be listened and not talked down to. But most of all, a place to have fun and play.

Thank you so much Face Front for giving me this opportunity. I hope to see you all again soon. Now, back to that essay I need to write….”


We wish Greg well on his next placement and the remaining time on his MA  – BUT… look forward to welcoming him back for a flying visit as a freelancer to lead a one-off masterclass session on ‘improvisation’ with our Blue Sky Actors this summer.