Property for Large Green Screen Sought

Face Front Inclusive Theatre are seeking a property at a reduced rate to lease in Enfield to install a large Green Screen.


Due to the pandemic much of our community and touring theatre work is not able to go ahead as planned. So, we are looking to make film versions of our productions. We are interested in creating a large green screen studio for this purpose.

We are looking for a medium/large unit/building with high ceilings that we can hire for between 6 – 12 months asap.


Our ideal dimensions are at least: W:15m x L:15m x H: 3.5m


Ideally the venue would be sound proofed and have additional space for changing rooms, toilet, kitchen/meeting area. We would like to hang LED lights.


Hire as soon as possible for 6-12 months.


More About the Project:

‘Broken Silence’ is an adult drama group of over 20 disabled participants with sensory and mobility impairments, mental health issues and learning difficulties. Participants devise ideas using drama, movement and music with the aim of developing these ideas into a performance piece.