Remembering Elaine❤

Face Front have been deeply saddened to hear the news of Elaine’s passing. She had been a long-standing and prominent member of our Broken Silence drama group for around 10 years, and was very popular with everyone at Face Front.

Elaine was a joyful and passionate performer, with a wonderful energy, and a kind and playful spirit. Whilst her loss will always be deeply felt by all here at Face Front, we will look to find comfort in the years of creativity and abundance of happy memories that she gave us.

Barry (a Broken Silence member and long time friend of Elaine) said ‘Life without Elaine is like going camping without a tent. Rest in peace, we will miss you.’

Greg Williams (Musical Director of Broken Silence) has written this beautiful poem in memory of Elaine and has kindly allowed us to present it in this post.


In Memory of Elaine


Gone with the winter

Asleep in the snow

How fragile is life

How brief the show


She brought us a spark

A fortune of wit

Larger than life

And she knew it!


Always the centre

Of the drama stage

Key to our story

The ink on the page


The zeal that she had

There for all to see

Her warmth guided her



Always loud and proud

A spirited chatterbox

Honoured to be unique

And unorthodox


Her time spent with us

Her joy and her ease

Will remain in our hearts

And our memories


(For Elaine, R.I.P)