The whole cast of 'The Myth of Marvo's Millions' take a bow at the end of their performance in front of a packed audience who we can see from behind. The audience are clapping wildly while actors from Face Front's 'Broken Silence' inclusive drama group for disabled adults are smiling triumphantly. They stand are wearing costumes of circus performers. This production was part of 'Face Front Fest' in 2019, which took place in Enfield's Dugdale Theatre.

Culture in Enfield Under Threat

Recent news of a move to restructure the Cultural team at Enfield Council, which would put at risk the jobs of Paul Everitt and others is shocking, sad, and rather short sited.

A recent article in Enfield Dispatch cited a petition that has been raised by Emma Rigby where she states:

For years Paul Everitt has been the driving force behind Culture & Leisure in Enfield. He has been the key person who has driven community cohesion to work with Enfield Council and is a hugely respected officer within our community. […] Paul is an experienced Head Of Culture with a demonstrated history of working in Local Government and the Arts, Heritage and Culture industry.

Face Front Inclusive Theatre would certainly support and echo this description of Paul and his team, and we continue to be grateful for their partnership and championing of our work.

Jon French – CEO of Face Front and lifetime resident of Enfield said:

Paul and his team have always been supportive of the work of Face Front. We run several participatory drama groups here in Enfield and every other year we hold the ‘Face Front Fest’. This event brings together all of these community groups, showcasing and celebrating the creative achievements of members of the local community. These events have taken place at both the Dugdale and Millfield Theatres – and with Paul and his teams’ support, we have helped to create a positive and meaningful experience in the arts for all those involved and their audiences.

Sarah-Jane Wingrove – Project Co-ordinator at Face Front said:

I started working for Face Front in June of last year and had an online introduction meeting with Paul shortly after I began. I was struck by how passionate he was about providing opportunities for cultural engagement to people in the borough – even in the midst of all that was happening with Covid and being reassigned to help out – he was still conscious and passionate about finding opportunities for the creative and cultural needs of his community to be met. Paul is exactly the sort of person you’d want managing the cultural and leisure offer for a community.

Ray Downing – Artistic Director of Face Front said:

In March of last year, Arts Council England set out their ‘Lets Create’ strategy to bring about ‘A country transformed by culture. Bringing us together, happier, healthier. To Excite, Inspire, delight. To enrich our lives.’, with developing ‘Cultural Communities’ being key to achieving this aim. I believe that Paul and his team have been addressing these aims in their work for the borough for many years now, providing access to cultural and creative events and activities so that everyone can ‘develop and express creativity throughout their life’. It seems to me to be entirely counterproductive to dismantle a team the that is already effectively meeting these outcomes along with reducing the number of cultural destinations within the borough.

We would urge people to sign the petition and/or contact the council to make their feelings known about the loss it would be to the cultural landscape of Enfield should this team and these venues be lost.

Petition · Save Paul Everitt & the Enfield cultural team from redundancy ·