Face Front Inclusive Theatre are proud to announce three new supported artists- John, Shane, and Mehmet!

Lauren caught up with them to ask them what being a supported artist means to them:

John said “Being a supported artist has given me a platform into professional acting and given me the experience to see what the future may hold as an actor. Acting in It’s My Move gave me the experience of what it’s like to be on tour and experience of the professional world in a safe supported environment.”

Shane said “Being a supported by getting a job acting in It’s My Move made me believe I can be a professional actor which is a dream come true. I now have more confidence and can’t wait for my next acting job as I loved going away.”

Mehmet said “I love being a supported artist and getting more professional work, I have recently finished a project with Artistic Director Ray, delivering a series of workshops in my old secondary school! To work with Ray delivering workshops in Schools was great. I loved getting involved with other students, communicating and leading activities and motivating more young people to get jobs in the arts. Doing all this really helped me grow as an artist.”

We are so proud of our artists and can’t wait to see what they go on to do next with the support of Face Front!