New Member Shanil

Hi, my name is Shanil. I am 21 years old.

Since I have been involved in Face Front Inclusive Theatre my confidence has been improved.

I am in two groups of Face Front called the Bridge Acting Group and InterACTion. The Face Front staff are all supportive of me. The skills and knowledge of all the staff are so fantastic.

My friend Mehmet introduced me to Face Front and started coming along to the groups. I am enjoying every minute of it.

A big thank you to Sarah-Jane, Ray, Lauren, and Greg.

I am so thrilled to work with them, as they help me with my lines and make it easier for me. I also led a game called Heads Up, Thumbs Down. They enjoyed that game so much.

By Shanil

InterACTion pose in two rows, they have their arms around each other and smile at the camera