Volunteering with Face Front- James

Hello, my name is James. I am 19 years old, and I go to Shaftesbury high school. In September I am going to college. At the moment I also go to ArtsDepot where I do different art and theatre projects which is how I was introduced to doing a placement with Face Front. 

On my placement with Face Front I go to the studio every Wednesday. At the start of the day, I meet Ray and then I go shopping at ASDA in Edmonton Green to buy snacks for DDM. Buying the snacks gives me some independence and using money. 

After shopping, I travel with Danny on the bus to Broken Silence. I like Broken Silence as I have made new friends and reunited with an old friend who I met at Mencap. I also sing and learn lots of new songs. 

In the afternoon I go to DDM. I like the acting and drama with all the games. I am learning a lot from Ray he is a good leader. 

During my Face Front placement, I am looking forward to making new friends and playing more games and acting. When I’m older I want to do some cooking and some drawing and some superpowers acting. Face Front is an exciting place to be and I look forward to learning more on the rest of my placement.