Anne stands in a class room, she is talking to two students and a teacher

Remembering Anne

Face Front were deeply saddened to hear of the recent passing of InterACTion and Dream Team member, and former trustee: Anne McGilchrist.

Anne contributed so much to the work of Face Front over many years and her creativity and professionalism were a huge asset to the company . Many of our current participants have come to us through Anne’s encouragement and championing of our work.

On informing some of the many people whom Anne had known and supported here at Face Front over the years, they reflected with deep affection and appreciation for the time they had known Anne. Here is just a small selection of comments from some of the people who knew her here…

“She was an inspiration”

“She would talk about the history of Ponders End and was proud of living in the area. She went dancing at The Regal”

“A natural actor and storyteller – so much charism “

“She loved her cat and having cakes and coffee with a lot of sugar”

“She was funny, but firm too when she had to be.”

“She was so funny – a wicked sense of humour with some colourful language – always making people laugh”.

“She could play the piano and always said “I can’t sing” but she could.”

“She love music my kids and her kids jammed together in her house and she would join in

She was so good with the children.”

“She was a great writer – she led writing sessions for Mind”.

“She would be a taxi for participants and never wanted to accept petrol money.

Lots of happy memories and good times.”

Her good friend Mo wrote “She was a very spiritual person, although she was so ‘down to earth’. In earlier times she used to give ‘readings’ using sometimes colours, sometimes crystals. In her youth, apart from all the musical gigs she attended, she would go to celebrations of the Equinox etc. She kept friendships for life, from home town to all the countries she visited, and welcomed anyone to her home, as she was certainly welcomed anywhere by others. She firmly believed in reincarnation, too. As she was such a natural and dramatic actress, I could just imagine that as her spirit left, she would strike a pose and say, “I’ll be back!”

Artistic Director of Face Front Ray Downing said:

“Anne’s wit, talent, guidance and unwavering support have contributed greatly to the achievements of Face Front Inclusive Theatre, and we will remember her always with great fondness and huge gratitude.”