IMM team stand in front of a Face Front sign and smile at the camera

It’s My Move 2022- Jess

My Name is Jessica, I’m 28 years old and it’s my first time touring It’s My Move. I first Joined Blue sky actors six years ago and when I first saw this show at Blue Sky Actors, I was determined to get an Apprenticeship which I got and this show pointed me in the right direction. Joining Blue Sky actors first gave me the confidence to do the It’s My Move Tour.

We have toured this all-around London and Norfolk and Brighton, to help young people to know what options were out there when finishing school. All the schools we’ve toured are SEN schools. It was amazing to see the young people getting involved in the forum and the workshops and getting different responses every time we did the forum and the workshops.

It has helped me with my confidence when travelling around London to know where the schools are for the next time, I do this again. This experience has been the best very enlightening to see people want to go to college and other courses like the performing arts and joining local groups to do performing arts.