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Spotlight on Volunteer Daisy

Face Front is excited to announce our newest volunteer, Daisy. Daisy has joined the Broken Silence team for two weeks as the Wardrobe Assistant on All at Sea.

Artistic Director, Ray Downing said “In the Year of the Volunteer at Face Front we are pleased to have such a dedicated, engaged and proactive volunteer on this production. Hoping she gets to experience at first hand all the different elements of what goes into a live theatre production.”

On her first week Daisy went on to reflect, “I’ve seen many of Face Front’s productions which were all truly amazing. I was amazed at how the people who work in these shows have a true talent. Not only in acting but in singing as well.

When I heard that they were looking for a volunteer I saw it as a great opportunity as I am interested in working with the fantastic costumes of theatre and understanding what work must be done to be able to get to the final production

I’ve only worked here for a few days, and I already see an amazing community. Face front is so inclusive and accepting of everyone.
If you or anyone you know has the chance to get involved with one of Face Front’s productions, I would encourage you to go for it.”