The board welcomes Mary Fernandes

We are excited to announce that Mary Fernandes is joining the Face Front Board of Trustees. She is a longstanding and much-loved member of InterACTion and will represent our participants at a board level. As a writer and actor she has been in numerous productions at Face Front including: Between the Wi and the Fi (2019) and The Originators (2017) and has been a member of The Dream Team for Jazanne Arts Exchanging Dreams (2018).

Mary Fernandes is originally from Goa and a secondary teacher by profession. When she first moved to the UK she joined a TV firm but her passion remained for teaching and she got a job at Enfield College. She also took cookery classes, continued to study (AAT level) and worked for the college in Asset Management.

At the age 57 she suffered a stroke whilst on holiday. Of this experience she later wrote ‘I was paralysed…. I was not going to be beaten. After six months of unsatisfactory treatment and physio, I took it upon myself and retaught myself to walk and talk again. I did it by spending days and hours at Tesco using a trolley to help me to walk. I got caught but when they realised, they gave their blessings…. ‘

She is hard-working and enjoys life. Her hobbies and passions are travelling, cooking and fashion. She enjoys helping others through cooking. Also she likes working with children especially teenagers because she finds that they listen well and are willing to learn.

On her appointment as a trustee she says ‘I hope I can contribute the skills I have acquired, in my various capacities, to the Face Front Board.’