Honoured to be a board member

I first heard the name Face Front when my son was given the opportunity to do work experience to consolidate his performing arts course. He came back excited, happy and full of confidence, he told me that he wanted to go back when he finished his course.

Fast forward 2 years and he is now a supported artist within Face Front. When I think about Face Front it conjures up for me an image of strength; you are facing forward and standing tall, Face Front helps my son who has autism and learning difficulties to stand tall and be counted.

This year I was asked if I would like to become a board member, I felt honoured to be asked but also struggled with what I could bring to Face Front. I then realised that this is exactly the point, it is accessible for everyone and that is the philosophy which makes this organisation so wonderful.

I do work at a special school and had 10 years experience of working as a teaching assistant. I then trained as a Counsellor and now work with parents whose young person attends the school. As a board member I want to be an advocate for Face Front and sing their praises from the rooftops and give them the voice that they give to others.

I have been truly moved by the ability of the performers and the productions that I have been able to see over the years.