‘It’s My Move’ 2021

I play the part of Melody, in the play It’s My Move. And I am also the Co-Director, I help Annie who is the director of the whole play. I had meetings with Annie on Zoom, to come up with the rehearsal plans for the day. In rehearsals, it was definitely fun when we put it on its feet with the new team. Being on tour was also fun when I spoke to the other young people.

When we did all the talking it included Ray, the other director and the stage manager. He spoke to the contact person whose job was to get us into the venues. We lost Annie but she did come back to watch and she got to be in it. We all had understudies.

It has been lovely this year. I helped to tweak the scenes before the show went out. I loved the walk in Harrogate with the Christmas lights, and the burgers and chips.

It has been lovely every year for the past four years. As I know the play, I created my own part. Melody is my favourite part and my favourite involvement too.

I like the two different things, acting Melody and being co-director, so I got to do both of those things. I do help backstage too, with the set and the props. As a part of the team I help with the trolley and help to put it back in the van at the end of the day, though I do know that is not my department. I have lots of favourite things from this year. One of them is the different and new audiences, and playing charades in the Harvester Restaurant.

I liked the workshops and the questions to the audience asking our advice. One of the students gave me a high five.

By Ellen