Lockdown – Lissa, Janine, Richard and Robin from Broken Silence


I have been trying to learn a new song everyday, writing my life story, practicing Face Front songs, walking for an hour a day, disco dancing and riding my exercise bike.

Being in lockdown has been frustrating and made me feel sad sometimes. I have missed seeing my family, going to shows, going away on holiday. The thing I miss most about Broken Silence is being everyone and working on our new show.

When lockdown is fully lifted I want to meet up with my friends in Broken Silence and crack on with our new show. Also I want to start going to see musicals again and going out to my favourite restaurant in Southend.


I have been spending time with my family and doing some a lot of exercise every day. I feel really sad because I can’t go out but it’s really good because I think about my family safety and everyone else. I miss to being in the group, acting and travelling and seeing the entire group. I look forward to seeing everyone in person and carrying on acting with everyone again.

I’ve tried to keep myself busy doing different activities like drawing and painting and also my daily exercises which is very important to keep me focus. Since Lockdown I found it difficult at times still do but it’s getting easier to deal with. I miss my daily routine it’s been quite hard to deal with although it is hard but I must stay safe and follow the advice given. I miss Broken Silcence a lot as for me to socialising with friends it was nice of Danny to call me and keep in touch. I am looking forward for the day when we all meet again hope it is soon I miss our gathering together

During lockdown I have been at home and spending time in my room watching films. I have also been doing puzzles with my family. It feels ok to be at home. I am missing Broken Silence, Finchley Youth Theatre and New Horizons because I can’t see my friends. When lockdown ends I am looking forward to getting back to my drama groups and going to HMV and the cinema.