Reflections of a Blue Sky Actor

Blue Sky Actor John reflects on being a Blue Sky Actor and continuing to perform under Covid restrictions.


Over the Christmas break I decided to re-watch the Blue Sky Actors’ Online Panto again. When watching it again I noticed more the scene where it makes me feel sentimental because of the closure of theatres and that we couldn’t perform in the usual way we once could. It made me think how important theatre is and what it means to the community, and to the arts in general – so it’s a little emotional. However, I’m glad that something like ZOOM was another helpful way of showing our work to an audience.

I’ve come along well so far throughout my time with Blue Sky Actors. I really do hope that we all continue to strive even more, and go on further still to create more theatre and put on performances in person in the future!! I love putting smiles on the faces of our audiences.

I’m really enjoying my journey being a Blue Sky Actor, and I want to be able to do bigger and better performances overtime. I like to watch the work we’ve all done so far and reflect on it. I think on things such as what could be better next time etc., especially as an actor.

I really do hope Blue Sky Actors will go a long way in the future. I really love working with everyone there to create theatre and bring ideas altogether to make our shows! When this Covid is all over, we will all come back again to do what we do best as actors!

I want to say thank you to Ray and the staff team for everything – I’ve been given opportunities to play such different characters in lots of different plays tickets for shows that I’ve been to see to help widen my experience of theatre. I really enjoy being a part of the team there – I really feel like I’m part of something!

I just hope I get to perform with everyone else in person in the future!

All For Theatre!


(Blue Sky Actor)

You can catch ‘eBLUEnezer Scrooge’, the online panto John mentions (and helped create!) on our YouTube Channel