Filming Location Sought

Face Front Inclusive Theatre are seeking a 2/3 bedroom flat or small house to use as a filming location for a short film.

The property we are looking for needs to resemble a typical or slightly neglected family home – or have the potential to be dressed in such a way.

We are looking to film scenes in a sitting/living room and a bedroom of a 10-12 child.

Filming will take between the hours of 9am to 6pm, over a period of 6 days. We will provide a fee of £200 per day for each day that we are filming. Dates for the filming are to be confirmed based upon when it becomes safe enough with regard to restrictions relating to Covid-19.


More About the Project:

Whisper Me Digital – is the film adaptation of a Theatre in Education piece called ‘Whisper Me Happy Ever After’ which has successfully toured primary schools in North and West London since it was developed in 2012. The story is of a family who is experiencing domestic abuse and the effect that this takes on the mental health of the 10 and 12 year old children of the story. Through the accompanying forum/workshop the children in the story are given help and advice from the audience of young people through suggestions of what they could have done to get the help that they needed and deserved.

We are looking to use a property that is reflective of a typical, working class, suburban household. We at first see the home in a happy state but overtime the house would need to facilitate being dressed to appear neglected or in need of repair.

If you have a property that meets this description or has the potential to with some set dressing, please could you provide Face Front with the location details of the property, and accompanying photographs.