Until Next Time…

On Thursday 21st September, InterACTion came together as a group for the first time since we performed ‘Freedom Pass’ as part of the Face Front Fest. Together we shared stories of our summers, pictures of the show, and dishes of food that people had brought along.

Altan brought along two large and VERY delicious homemade lasagnas (one veggie, one meat) that he’d made himself! He’d been very keen during rehearsals for ‘Freedom Pass’ to demonstrate his excellent cooking skills for the group before he heads off for university, and he didn’t’ disappoint! But, Lasagna wasn’t all that Altan had prepared for the group. Below is the touching speech that Altan gave to the group as he said not goodbye, but ‘until next time’ to the group.

To start this speech, I would first love to share my deepest gratitude with you all. Over the past decade and a few, from the very beginning, I am aware that I haven’t been the most fortunate, pleasant, and remarkable person to ever receive the fortune of knowing. I was loud, obnoxious, and most certainly the most chaotic being known to man when I first involved myself with Face Front. Constantly and consistently being the eye of alertness and causing many to be aware of what I do, I was certainly the definition of a problem child.
However, I never expected such a welcoming and attentive group to be as inviting as everyone is currently today. Having to put up with me and taking on my erratic behaviour in this group properly correcting every wrong and rewarding every right with only the utmost attentive form of professionalism I have ever seen, unlike any other organisation. All of you have allowed me to learn about enriched culture, different hardships, and how to properly express myself which has made me better understand and develop my social skills and I just want to say thank you.
Ray, over the past decade I’ve come to know you. I would say that you are an appropriate form of a fatherly figure that I have seen but what I have gained most from you is your Vigor. Your undeniable enthusiasm to conduct the plays among so many while taking ideas, involving everyone, time keeping and especially making that enthusiasm become contagious among others formulating an amazing play and helping unite everyone. I find that quite an amazing quality that you possess to which I aspire as well.
Danny, the person that I’ve come to know as a good friend while being in face front. I see you as a very talented man and I hope that you keep pursuing what you love as well as pursue your goals and/or dreams. I can see that you have the strength to get to where you want to be and the willingness to perform as the star of the show so I am confident you can achieve what you want to achieve, and I will do the same.
Rose, the lovely woman with an angel of a voice and as usual I hope you always carry yourself just like your music. Loud, proud, and ever so beautiful.
Mary, the red-hot chilli pepper of the group, I would love to say that are an amazing individual who has allowed me to be introduced to not only your culture but other cultures as well and for that I am ever so grateful.
Frankie, I hope you still keep your nails as colourful as you are in your dresses as always.
Conan, during the past year you have been a wonderful new addition to Face Front by not only bringing in your talent but also your own story and for that, I highly respect and admire you to a profound degree.
Gracie, I would only like to say that I am very impressed with your ability to willingly try to perform in front of an audience while also feeling a lot of pressure and stress and I find that greatly inspiring.
Ros, the woman who has always graced us with her presence comes from a background of what I only consider the utmost noble position of being a former nurse. I have always enjoyed our conversations and I hope that you continue and enjoy your gardening.
Shanil, like Conan I have never seen such a talent to ever grace face front before, so it is an honest delight to have you here.
Raji, Sally and Natasja, the triple threat that we always needed in the face front group added an element of sign language which was a complete delight to learn while being in the “freedom pass play”. Which I personally enjoyed, and I hope you three continue to enjoy yourselves while at face front.
To all others that I haven’t also stated in this speech please don’t be discouraged since this speech would be too long to go through but just know that you have also made an impact on my life.
Lastly, I want to state that this is most certainly not a farewell nor a goodbye but an until next time. I am beginning a new chapter in my life, and I merely wanted to say that I will keep all of you in my memory since you are all the beginnings of my story. It has been an honest privilege to know all of you and to be a part of your lives very much of how you’ve been a part of mine.

Face Front’s Artistic Director who leads the InterACTion group had this to say…

Altan is one of InterACTion’s long standing members, having started with the group as a young child alongside his lovely mum. We are all so proud of what he has achieved, and of the thoughtful, kind and self-motivated young man that he has become. We wish him every happiness and success in his new adventure and they’ll be a warm welcome for him whenever he is able to return

Not one to stop on his creative journey though, Altan has started his own YouTube Chanel: Ancofy – YouTube 

So we can keep up with what he’s doing there 🙂👀